Archives in an Age of Austerity: A CAP ‘Archives Vice Versa’ Event (18.1.2015)

We are delighted to invite you ‘Archives in an Age of Austerity’, the first ‘Archives Vice Versa’ event of 2015-2016. This event will take the form of two sessions, each taking place on Wednesday 18 November 2015.

CAP Master-Class: Planning and Budgeting Archival Research, 10am-12 (HRI)

This master-class is designed for PhD students and Early Career Scholars, though all are welcome. It will take the form of an interactive workshop in which participants hear from a range of speakers before thinking critically and constructively about best practice when planning, budgeting and implementing archival research. Speakers will offer advice on this process from a variety of perspectives. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Cheryl Bailey, Senior Archivist at Sheffield Archives
  • Sophie Baldock, Current English Literature PhD student with extensive experience of conducting archival research in both the UK and the USA
  • Joanna Chapman, Research Development Officer, Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield
  • Barry Dixon, Research Strategy Manager, Arts and Humanities, University of Sheffield
  • Mark Faulkner, Lecturer in the School of English with extensive experience of archival research
  • Hannah Robbins, Current Music PhD student who has recently completed a large archival research project in the USA

Refreshments will be provided. Internal and external delegates are welcome to attend.

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Austerity and Advocacy: Archives in an Age of Austerity Round-Table Forum, 2pm-4 (John Carr Design Studio, Portobello Centre)

This session will address the challenges and opportunities presented to archives and archive-users by the post-2010 political and economic landscape.

We will hear a series of short presentations from academics, archivists and other information professionals addressing the policies, practices and possibilities that are shaping archival research and practice in an ‘age of austerity.’ This will be followed by a Q&A and general discussion. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Rachel Askew, Early Career Scholar, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield
  • Cheryl Bailey, Senior Archivist, Sheffield Archives
    Lauren Butler, Collaborative Doctoral Award Candidate working with Chatsworth House Archive
  • Sarah Chubb, Archives and Local Studies Manager, Derbyshire Record Office
  • Fiona Clapperton, Collaborative Doctoral Award Candidate working with Chatsworth House Archive
  • Mark Faulkner, Lecturer, School of English, University of Sheffield
  • Victoria Hoyle, City Archivist, Explore York Libraries and Archives
  • Franziska Kohlt, Doctoral Candidate, Oxford Univeristy
  • Keith Sweetmore, Engagement Manager, National Archives
  • Hannah Wallace, Collaborative Doctoral Award Candidate working with Chatsworth House Archive

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